Research Assistants

Johanna Kröger

Johanna Kröger is a fifth year medical student at the University of Münster and recently graduated from the MSc. Global Health programme at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. During her master’s degree she completed an elective track at McMaster University in Canada, where she focused on global governance and health policy. Currently, she is pursuing a doctoral degree (Dr. med.) at the Institute of Global Health in Heidelberg. To her, Global Health is about understanding the complex and interconnected factors that influence health and well-being in today’s globalised world. She has a strong interest in the social and political determinants of health and in promoting health equity. A research stay at the Institute for Global Health in Barcelona has further allowed her to follow her passion for planetary health and to work at the interface of climate change and health in urban settings. 

Simon Sterk

Simon Sterk is a third-year medical student at the University of Bonn. In his chosen elective course, „Introduction to Global Health“, he gained his first valuable experience in Global Health. This led to the research assistant position, where he wants to expand his knowledge and explore his interests in this field. To him, Global Health offers the opportunity to understand the issue of health inequity worldwide. He is mainly inspired by the thought of addressing problems on a bigger scale than usually executed in the daily life of physicians and finding ways to enable access to health for all people.

Katharina Gries

Katharina Gries is currently pursuing her second degree which is in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Bonn. Between 2018-2022 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in English and Social Sciences (Teaching) at the University of Bonn which included studying abroad for one semester in the US, at Kalamazoo College. For her, Global Health is about improving health and health access worldwide as effectively and sustainably as possible. Additionally, one significant part of Global Health for her is working in interdisciplinary teams which is very educational for her. Due to her study background, she is especially interested in food security and the role of nutrition in Global Health in times of crisis and climate change. 

Robert Neumann

Robert Neumann is currently studying medicine at the University Hospital Bonn. Before attending University Bonn, he studied political science in Berlin and Edinburgh. For him, Global Health is the interdisciplinary approach of social and natural sciences that attempts to examine the lack of health from different perspectives in order to improve the access to a healthy life globally in a holistic manner. Of particular interest to him at the moment are emergency and disaster relief, vaccinations, and global oncology. 


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