The Section Global Health was established in May 2020 when the endowed professorship Global Health – Social and Cultural Aspects was filled. Besides the management and coordination of the MSc Global Health, the Section’s main tasks are in research and the practically relevant examination of health-related issues in a global perspective. This particularly includes socio-cultural factors of availability, access and acceptance. From an ethical point of view, the Section Global Health pursues a universalistic approach by taking human rights as a basis.


Globalization has created new health issues: health risks transgressing borders, but also cooperation for reducing the enormous world-wide inequity. Common goals and relevant differences are at stake beyond the nationally organized health system. A global perspective only can meet the word-wide need for development in health, but also diversity within countries increased by migration. 


Improving health requires not only medicine, but the whole intersectoral range of individual and public measures to protect, promote and restore health. Therefore, in addition to medicine, which continues to determine the health care system in terms of both quantity and quality, particularly with regard to patient care, public health and interdisciplinary cooperation with health-related academic fields such as agriculture and sustainable development (in „One Health“), geography (including disaster prevention and management) or health economics are required. 

Social and Cultural Aspects

Many possible improvements in health do not fail due to the non-existence of medical and scientific knowledge and skills, but because of the socio-cultural conditions necessary for their use. In addition to the aspects of „history, theory and ethics“ already established in medicine, the focus is therefore also on current cultural and social science perspectives, such as those intensively dealt with in Medical Anthropology, human rights discourses and debates on post-coloniality outside Germany. 

Annual Reports

To learn more about the activities of the Section Global Health and its team members, please check out our annual report.

Annual Report 2020 & 2021

Annual Report 2022


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