MSc Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies

Study Contents

The Masters programme Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies includes one year full-time intensive study (60 ECTS) followed by internships (30 ECTS) and preparation for the Master thesis (30 ECTS) in the second year. The modules that take place in the first year of study broach the issue of several medical and non-medical disciplines in relation to global health.

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Fields of study 

Students will be introduced to the basics of global and public health, hygiene infrastructure and health policies. Further, they will gain knowledge about infectious diseases as well as non-communicable diseases, mother-child health and environmental issues. In connection with that, they will discuss strategies to control and prevent diseases, especially focussing on LMIC. Therefore, not only social but also biological and environmental aspects and impacts on health will be tackled, for instance food production and nutrition. Also, the study will broach the issue of current challenges in global health, SDGs as guiding principles, and management structures in health care system in order to prepare students for future policymaking.

Also check out the Module Handbook of the course for an in-depth insight into the study contents.

Learning objectives 

  • Analysing health systems and policies, identifying gaps and deficiencies and reform needs in order to design improvement strategies. 
  • Evaluate health systems and develop specific measures for strengthening health system all over the world but with special regard to LMIC
  • Collecting, analysing and communicating research data as well as becoming familiar with communication lines in health system
  • Ability to communicate and discuss measures to promote global health and prevent as well as control infectious diseases 
  • Ability to implement health promotion and hygiene concepts in order to achieve internationally agreed targets in regional, national and international context. 
  • Planning, managing, implementing and monitoring public health and hygiene actions 

The MSc Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies is a so-called postgraduate degree (‘Weiterbildungsmaster’). Master degrees within the scope of continuous education require previous professional experience. The single modules of the MSc Global Health build on this professional experience and develop it further. This allows you to specialize in one field and advance your career in this field – Global Health – outside of academia. You will be enrolled as a postgraduate student. At the University of Bonn postgraduate students have the same status as guest students and hence are not eligible, for example, for the public transport’s student fare (‘Semester-Ticket’).

Study Fees

As the MSc Global Health is a postgraduate degree it comes with study fees. The fees amount to 18.000,00 € and can be paid in installments. The fees include the lectures of all modules, examinations, excursions and the scientific supervision for the Master thesis and internships. Furthermore, the immatriculation and re-registration fees are included.

Participation in single modules is possible and costs 1.200,00 € for each module. For taking the module examination the study entry requirements have to be met.


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