Our section collaborates with individuals and organizations who are supporting our section’s mission, vision, and values. Those listed below are contributing their resources and expertise towards solving global and health challenges with us. They participate in joint initiatives, research projects, advocacy campaigns, and knowledge-sharing activities.

... of the Section Global Health

German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA)

The German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA), funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, is an association of more than 1000 researchers from public research institutions in Germany who are committed to tackling current global health challenges through interdisciplinary and collaborative research. GLOHRA aims to build a stronger interdisciplinary research community in Germany by boosting the German contribution to global health research, supporting the next generation of researchers in Germany, and also enhancing cross-sector research collaboration.

Global Health Alliance Germany (GHA-D)

The Global Health Alliance Germany (GHA-D) is a Germany-wide network of students, researchers, and teachers with an interest in and expertise in global health whose goal is to strengthen teaching, research, and implementation of global health at German universities. The GHA-D emphasizes the importance of teaching and research on global health through political work or through social media channels, as well as promoting the institutional comprehensive and curricular anchoring of teaching on global health in Germany.

Working Group Medical Development Cooperation (AKME)

AKME is the German platform for academia, governmental and non-governmental development cooperation in health, founded more than 50 years ago. In its regular meetings open to all it offers talks on current activities and approaches, networking opportunities and exchange of perspectives from research, advocacy, programmes and projects.

... of the MSc Global Health

As there are similar master courses in international health and on sustainable development the MSc collaborates with some of them directly and with many of them in the existing associations.

tropED Network

The tropED Network is made up of an international community of institutions from around that world that offer postgraduate education in International and Global Health. tropED provides postgraduate opportunities for education and training contributing to sustainable development, and it focuses on improving the management of health services for disadvantaged populations. This approach is based on the mobility of the people, the exchange of experience in different disciplines, and the establishment of a common standard in education and training.

German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with Special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP)

The German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with Special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP) is an umbrella organization compromising of various postgraduate study programs that are oriented on developing and threshold countries. Programs are offered by AGEP members at German universities in a variety of fields, and are of either no, or very little charge. The courses are mostly held in English, and they address a large variety of educational, social, and cultural issues through practical training, seminars, and excursions. The duration of courses varies between 1 and 2 years, and on completion, successful participants will receive an internationally recognized master’s degree.


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