Global health is a vision of a world free of preventable diseases and consortiums strive to eradicate the challenges of poverty, inequality, disease and epidemics. Such matters are compounded in today’s society by the burden of elevated populations, more frequent and intense natural disasters, continued conflicts and violence and other humanitarian crises. As a consequence, countries are faced with situations for which they are often ill-prepared and a vulnerable aspect is often health systems and associated water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures.
To promote physical and mental health and to extend life expectancy for everyone, the United Nations have set sustainable development goals (SDGs)  which promote the well being of all societies worldwide. Among these ambitious goals are those to obtain universal health coverage, to achieve adequate access to clean water and to provide equitable sanitation and hygiene for all. To implement these changes there is a growing need for vibrant and energetic health workers with unassailable technical skills and the described Masters in Global Health will contribute to the education of these contemporary professionals.