Working experience

A two-years working experience in relevant areas is required, please submit work certificates/references. Relevant working areas you will find here:
Working experience in:
  • Regulation of health protection at national or regional levels
    • Analysis of relationship between external factors, the incidence of diseases and the therefore existing, political supported infrastructure in hygiene/sanitary infrastructure, drinking water supply, food safety, and environmental risks
    • Development of actions for detection, prevention and control of diseases relevance for the specific country
  • Preparation of directives/guidelines for regulations of health protection
  • Planning of necessary infrastructure
  • Management of crises concerning health risks and health damages
Further related professional fields are:
Working experience in:
  • Planning, leading or evaluation of health-related activities in health care, organization of social security Systems, development cooperations, humanitarian aid, and international relationships
  • Regulations for protection of physical risks
  • Planning of infrastructure for risk prevention