The “MSc in Global Health Risk Management and Hygiene Policies” is hosted by the University of Bonn Medical Center/Germany in association with the Institute of Environment and Human Security (EHS) at the United Nations University, also in Bonn. This modular course is offered to post graduate students from around the world and taught in English. It is supported by the Dr. Hans Riegel-Stiftung Bonn. This allows a reduction in course fees for currently enrolled students from Low income countries and a professorship for the course of its own.
The programme contains one year full-time intensive study in Bonn that covers a range of disciplines in relation to global health and hygiene concepts. During the second year of the programme, depending on the previous professional experiences, students will participate in internships and the Master thesis has to be prepared. For these periods, presence of the students in Bonn is not required. Here you find the module handbook.
Complementary excursions will be offered during the first year. 
To learn more about the study programme and its unique characteristics you may watch the short video introduction to the MSc Global Health.


Course fee
The course costs of 18,000 Euros in total includes the one year full-time course, the scientific supervision for working out the Master thesis and for the internships, and excursions. Accommodation and personal living expenses are not included in the course fees.
The enrollment for single modules is possible. If you will take part in examinations, you have to pass the requirements as mentioned under „requirements“ and will get a certificate. The participation in a single module will cost 1,200 Euro.