Learning Objectives



Learning Objectives
To analyse and establish or improve functioning public health systems and current infrastructure to cope with identified health risks.
To implement and translate public health efforts like health protection, health promotion and public welfare into practice.  
To establish leadership for planning, implementation and monitoring of public health and hygiene actions and to achieve internationally agreed targets in regional, national and international contexts.
To adopt and adjust public health and hygiene actions to suit different geographical, historical, socio-cultural and risk associated prerequisites.
Alongside internships and the Master thesis the programme contains 10 intensive study modules (120 ECTS).
Fields of study
Basics of global health, public health and hygiene infrastructure and policies.
Control of communicable diseases, mother and child health, environmental disaster management.
Health systems and management structures.
From MDGs to SDGs as guiding principles and global consent. 
Health risk assessment and capacity building in the public health sector.